Our company was invited to participate in "CWIEME Shanghai exhibition" in March, 2018.
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CWIEME Shanghai exhibition is China's leading wire winding machine, coil, insulation material, magnetic material and motor, transformer manufacturing exhibition.

CWIEME Shanghai exhibition opened on March 26, 2018 in Shanghai, China's most international metropolis.  Vendors can present their products to high-quality, well-sourced audiences on a platform based on China and radiating Asia Pacific.

In the show, on the electrical electronic industrial board of trade, China motor matching consortium, ABB, Siemens, armed group, mitsubishi electric corporation, motor co., LTD., ANSYS, datong shares, the SEW - motor, sea nut, lanzhou motor, motor, large and medium-sized motor in the south of anhui, jiangxi anhui special motor, fujian in the far east, dalian motor group, vosges, zhuzhou CSR, nanyang motor, the pioneer of Shanghai electric motor, bretz motor, motor and other hundreds of enterprises in shenyang, nearly 50000 visitors to the site for the business negotiations.

Through the exhibition, we learn from our peers, we not only grasp the pulse of the industry, understand the dynamics of the industry, but also establish long-term and sustainable business relationship with it.  We firmly believe that the future of lianbo will be more brilliant!

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